If you plan to hit the open road from the safety of a camper van, here’s the guide for you. Check out these five things to think about before starting your van remodel, so you’re prepared for the journey ahead.

Set a Budget

Before undergoing any major camper van remodel, you must first plan a budget. Camper van remodels can be costly for those who don’t take appropriate first measures. Given the number of budgetary constraints that play a role in this layout, create a chart or spreadsheet to help you plan accordingly. The type of camper van, renovations, materials, electrical equipment, amenities and appliances, and extra accessories all have their own respective costs and responsibilities to keep in mind.

Figure Out Wants and Needs

Additionally, it helps to list out your wants and needs. Keep in mind there is a difference to both categories. Needs, or must-haves, are items or amenities you cannot live without. Toilets, solar panels, kitchenettes, and charging systems fall into this category. Wants are items that you would like in your camper van, but you could sacrifice them if necessary. Tech accessories, a roof rack, awnings, outdoor grills, and indoor showers are all nice-to-have amenities but are not required for satisfactory living. That’s not to say you won’t have access to your wants, but since space is a luxury, you have limited opportunities to work with. You can always use a gym or truck stop for a hot shower.

Styling and Design

How you want to design your camper van is also at your discretion. Still, keep your budget and lifestyle choices in mind. Everyone’s camper van is different. Of course, all appeal to a minimalist lifestyle but how you design the interior is up to your preferences. Some people prefer a modern, sleek design while others want a log-cabin, woodsy aesthetic. Just make sure you leave enough space for your personal belongings.

Extra Amenities

Fourth on our list of the five things to think about before starting your van remodel is which extra amenities you want to include. There are many options to consider. As previously mentioned, two common amenities for camper vans are roof racks and awnings. Roof racks enable you to carry bulky equipment, such as solar panels and outdoor gear, securely on top of your vehicle. Many roof racks feature aerodynamic, rugged materials to support all-terrain capability while providing additional space for your cargo. Awnings are another example of an extra amenity to consider. They attach to the side of your camper van to provide shade and coverage from outdoor elements. They also help make your camper van feel like home.

Electricity and Power

Finally, don’t forget about power. Most likely you’ll need to account for gas unless you drive a hybrid or all-electric vehicle. Still, that doesn’t equate to usable electricity throughout the camper van especially with larger appliances such as a stove top or electrical outlets. Consider installing solar panels to your camper van for usable, renewable energy for your devices and appliances. Remember to wire everything correctly along with the proper voltage converters and other electrical gear to sustain your energy usage without risking an electrical fire or power outage.

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