Camper vans are large vehicles designed for those who want to embark on major excursions. Compared to regular RVs, camper van conversions are rather small. Many camper van owners want to maximize their limited space by adding a roof rack. These three tips for creating a perfect roof rack layout for your van will make your experience more comfortable.

1) An Awning To Shield You From Mother Nature’s Wrath

Awnings are a perfect complement to any camper van. You can find awnings on a van’s roof near its sliding door. It’s important to note that awnings aren’t possible without a roof rack, so don’t attempt to add an awning without a roof rack first. However, awnings make such a difference that many people build a roof rack just to install an awning on their vehicle.

An awning can provide much-needed shade from the sun’s blistering rays during the warm summer months. Moreover, it offers additional shelter on rainy days so you stay dry when you slide the door open, and it limits the muck and dirt you bring into the camper van.

2) Mounting Solar Panels for an Easy & Clean Power Source

Solar panels have swiftly emerged as the most common method of supplying power for your camper van. Many camper van owners depend on solar energy to operate their van’s lights, refrigerator, fan, and other appliances and charge their devices. Understandably, the roof of your vehicle is the best area to attach solar panels since it receives the most sunlight.

Alas, van manufacturers didn’t design camper vans to accommodate modifications such as solar panels. Without a roof rack, installation would require poking holes through the metal of your roof, which may lead to leakage, corrosion, and other problems.

The procedure may be time-consuming and difficult if the panels fail or need replacing. But mounting solar panels to a roof rack is a straightforward technique requiring no drilling into your vehicle’s roof. Maintaining or replacing the panels is also straightforward and fast.

3) Add Rack Attachments for Your Favorite Goodies

It can be a tough task for some people to fit all of their belongings in a camper van. The best way to maximize your space is by adding a roof rack to bring extra bulky items.

You’ll be unable to bring kayaks, surfboards, or bicycles along if you do not optimize your roof rack. Adding attachments for these items allows you to travel with them atop your roof.

You can also add a road shower for the ideal roof rack layout. You don’t want to fight the rapids or cruise bike trails and return to stink up your vehicle. Wash off at the end of the day with the help of a mounted road shower. Thanks to the solar panels you installed earlier, you can take a warm shower and feel like a new person.

These three tips for creating a perfect roof rack layout for your van will help you on your adventure. Unaka Gear allows you to add roof rack systems to your camper van layout and any extras you like. Your camper van will make every day feel like a vacation when you are finished customizing it with the help of Unaka Gear.