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Need to mount something to the roof of your pop-up, RV, Schoolie, old van, or some other awesome project?  These brackets are purpose built for you.  Once installed these brackets give you two tapped holes in the top of the bracket which make building or installing a roof rack a breeze.  

DIY 8020 Roof Rack:  Easily build an 8020 roof rack using these universal rack mounts paired with our 90 Degree 8020 Adapters.

Unistrut Roof Rack:  Don't need the flexibility of an 8020 roof rack, purchase unistrut at your local hardware store and bolt it directly to these pads.  Note, depending on the spacing of these brackets on your roof, drilling or modifying the unistrut may be required.  Shorter bolts and larger OD washers may also be required depending on the type and size of unistrut you are using. 


  • Qty 1 Mounting block
  • EPDM sealing pad, already applied
  • The below installation hardware
    • 2 X 5/16"-18 X 0.75" Lg. Hex Bolts, Stainless
    • 2 X 5/16" Flat Washer, Stainless
    • 2 x 5/16" x 1.25" OD Bonded Washers, Stainless
    • 1 x 5/16"-18 x 1.5" Lg. Hex Bolt, Stainless
    • 1 x 5/16"-18 Nylock Nut

Does Not Include:

  • 8020 Adapter Brackets
  • Oversized washers or shorter bolts for use with Unistrut



- CNC Machined Aluminum

- Powder Coated Black

- Works with our 8020 Roof Rack Adapters

- Sold as a qty. of 1


First locate where you want these brackets on your roof. Ideally these are mounted near or above structural roof supports to best help distribute any load placed on the bracket into the frame or structure of your vehicle. When in doubt about the load distribution or capacity of the roof or mounting location, increase the number of mounting brackets to better distribute the load. Once located, mark where the center of the bracket hole is, and drill a 3/8" hole in that exact location, paint or seal the hole to prevent potential future rust. Then use the hardware provided to bolt the bracket to your roof. Even though the rubber pad should help seal the bracket, we still recommend applying Dicor sealant to the center hex bolt / washer, and around the outside of the bracket to help prevent water egress into your vehicle.