Winter vanlife can be cold, but it’s not something we are willing to miss out on. Here are some of our Winter Vanlife Essentials that help us stay warm.

  • Throw Blankets - We keep two blankets on hand, and they’re a lifesaver when the weather gets chilly. Fleece works great, but we were gifted a Rumpl last year and it is our favorite. Blankets give us that extra layer of comfort when it's cold outside, especially when we are working all day in our swivel seats.
  • Window Covers - Not only do they add privacy, but they also help trap the warmth from the heater inside. Heat is precious and we take every step possible to prevent it from leaving our van. 
  • Warm Slippers - Hot air rises, but that doesn't mean our feet should be freezing. Invest in some warm slippers or, if you're feeling fancy, go for those puffy shoes. Comfort is key!
  • Layers - For winter travels, we've stocked up on a variety of layers to stay comfortable both inside and outside the van. My go-to outer layers include a light jacket, a medium puffy jacket, a large puffy jacket, a Carhartt jacket, and a ski shell – ready for any weather.

Staying warm and comfortable is just as important as the fun activities that you have planned when you are traveling. Make sure you include these winter vanlife essentials for your next trip.

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