When it comes to the ideal van for vanlife, you have 3 main options to consider: the Sprinter, ProMaster, and Transit. To make this decision easier, we broke down the top features of each:


  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Front-wheel drive, great for handling in snow with all-terrain tires and chains as backup
  • Boxy design simplifies certain aspects of your build
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers plenty of rooftop space for solar panels and equipment


  • Standard rear-wheel drive, with an optional all-wheel drive (priced between ProMaster and Sprinter)
  • Features a long, sloping van roof design, which limits space for solar panels and accessories
  • Conversion can be slightly more challenging due to fewer flat, smooth surfaces, roof slope, and hardened steel.
  • Maintenance availability and lower maintenance cost is a major selling point for Ford.


  • Considerably more expensive but offers higher quality
  • Certainly the most comfortable seat for long drives
  • Choice between rear-wheel drive and optional 4x4 drive
  • Offers both gas and diesel engine options
  • Significantly  higher maintenance costs and qualified shops are hard to find
  • Best looking option out there in our opinion

If you're feeling overwhelmed by these options, start by making a list of your specific wants and needs for your van. Once you've identified your priorities, you can begin narrowing down your choices and find a van that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

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