One of the scariest things about traveling across the country in a vehicle is not knowing what you will do in an emergency. The last thing you want to deal with is having to control a situation when you lack the resources to do so. You can avoid this scenario with the right tools, like a battery management system (BMS). Let us educate you on what a camper van battery management system is and why you need it.

What Can You Expect From a BMS?

You must have a reliable power source to guarantee your safety when you’re off the grid. A BMS is one way to ensure you have power when needed. A camper van BMS is the primary center for all your recharging, tracking, and protection needs.

This central hub might consist of a single machine with a display screen or many devices installed on a pre-wired board or box. The finest BMSs can pair with solar or car batteries, and a 240V system can replenish your batteries. You must observe different metrics of your battery system, like temperature and voltage, to ensure everything is in working order.

Why a BMS Is Necessary

When you’re living in your camper van, you rely on portable electricity. Before installing your power system, you should determine the size of the system, your regular power use, and the amount of solar energy you plan to gather.

Weather is unpredictable. If a storm wreaks havoc, you might be in a situation with no electricity. A BMS helps circumvent any issues you may encounter, supplying you with the necessary power to stay safe. 

When camping in isolated areas, the convenience of using a mobile phone app to check tank levels is invaluable. Alternatively, understanding how many amps appliances require helps you manage your energy usage.  

Furthermore, different regions will generate different amounts of solar energy. The greater the distance from the equator, the more solar hours each day. A battery management system can provide real-time data as you travel about.

How a BMS Keeps Things Under Control

In a nutshell, the most significant safeguards of a BMS include protection against under- or over-voltage, excessive heat or cold, and electrical shorts. Controlling temps within a certain range is crucial to the safety and reliability of lithium-ion battery cells since excessively high or low temperatures could cause a fire. A BMS can detect and intercept the flow until it’s safe.

Your life on the road is easier when you learn what a camper van battery management system is and its benefits. Unaka wants to help your journey by offering the best Victron solar chargers. Get these resilient energy storage systems before your next journey!

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