Alternative living may not become so alternative as the interest rates of houses continue to approach astronomical heights. But if paying 10 percent interest on a house isn’t enough motivation, maybe the top five reasons to make the jump to living in a van will persuade you.

5) Cost-Efficient

Living in a real house comes with a lot of financial responsibilities. Housing costs rapidly increase with rent, mortgage, insurance, utilities, and more. Hence, van life may be a viable alternative if you don’t want to devote a significant portion of your income to putting a roof over your head every month.

It’s not as if relocating to your campervan doesn’t come without costs. But after the initial cost of turning your van into your home, minimal expenses arise, particularly if you rely on solar panel mounting brackets as a main power source.

4) Find Community

With van living becoming more prevalent, you might run into several individuals, couples, and families along the way. Since these are your type of people, it’s easy to develop friendships with them, which could be long-lasting. Although the inspiration for joining van life may have been to separate yourself from the rest of civilization, it never hurts to make friends, especially those in tune with your beliefs.

3) Ditching the Cubicle

If there were any positives about the pandemic, it’s that we learned remote work is a realistic option. Thus, working full-time out of your van is as acceptable as ever. Whether you own a business or are an employee for someone else, there shouldn’t be any hesitations about taking your work on the go.

2) Showing Your Creative Side

If you’re renting a home, your options for expressing your creativity may be constrained.

Some of the most astounding conversions you’ll ever see are van conversions. Many people who choose van living do so partly because they like the creative process of converting a van into a mobile dwelling.

There’s a lot of room for innovation in how you set everything up, whether starting from scratch or discovering a treasure already converted. As you create and move into your little mobile abode, you may let your creative imagination go free.

1) Let the Van Show You the World

Every year, we must ration off our PTO to do a fraction of what we want to do. Sadly, most people lack the time or means to explore the world. But the dream is more attainable when you cut out all the things standing in your way, like your home and occupation.

Transitioning to van life full-time allows you the freedom to do things on a whim. If you live in the south and want to see what the Pacific Northwest offers, you can enjoy getting up there and living in a van. No need for expensive plane tickets or vacation time when you can get behind the wheel and work on the go.

The top five reasons to make the jump to living in a van prove that this lifestyle is the dream for many outdoor enthusiasts and adventurists. Let Unaka Gear Company make this pipe dream a reality with the essentials for turning your van into your new home.

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