Battery management systems (BMS) monitor the batteries and prevent damage to your batteries in many different scenarios. When you make your camper van your new home on the go, you need a BMS to keep your batteries healthy. Most people trust Victron, especially when considering the advantages of using a Victron battery in your van build.

Endless Power Supply

Finding a reliable electrical system is the most difficult obstacle to building your ideal camper van. Having the necessary equipment to handle the demands of van life is critical. Some folks may travel more while others set up shop and relax, but both groups can benefit from having Victron equipment. A Victron battery and DC-DC converter allow the alternator to charge while you’re driving while your panels charge while you're stationary.  Mount your solar panels to your roof rack using Unaka flush mount solar panel mounts.

Smarter & More Efficient

You’ve undoubtedly experienced the vexing issue of tripping the power supply when you turn on a device that puts too much strain on your system. You could also have too many gadgets that require power that could throw your system for a loop. However, you can find a little more juice using the PowerAssist function of a Victron inverter and you can manage it all using the Victron Connect app.

Discharge / Charging Current  

Victron Smart batteries have industry leading charging and discharging rates.  You can ask your batteries for lots of amperage at once and they will deliver, unlike many cheaper batteries that may have a large capacity (ah) but can't deliver it when you ask them to.  Cheaper batteries are also limited by how fast you can charge them.  

Using a Victron battery in your van build has many advantages. It will make your living quarters more comfortable and efficient. You can get your new Victron battery system at Unaka Gear. Don’t settle for a cheap battery that won’t supply the power you need when you need it. Instead, invest in Victron to get the guaranteed results that so many trust.

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