Van travel essentials can be a tough topic to tackle because vans are built for your needs and if you pack it right, you always have everything you need. Vans are different from other travel forms because you don’t have to unpack and repack every time you go.  Our two must-haves are adventure gear and clothing options.

Adventure Gear
Our skiing, climbing, kayaking, and biking gear are non-negotiables when we are packing our van. Space is the most valuable commodity in van life, but we’re all about prioritizing more adventure toys over extra room. For us, less space is worth it. Plus, if you forget your gear, you'll miss the exciting moments and amazing views that make camping unforgettable. 

Clothing Options
Having a variety of clothing options is crucial. If you're planning to be on the road for a season or two, you need to be ready for all kinds of weather and situations. Pack smart to stay comfortable throughout your journey.

A Pro Tip
In a van, every inch counts, and space is tight. To handle the changing seasons on the road, a helpful trick is to stash a box of clothes or extra gear with a friend. We've done this a few times, and sometimes we even mail stuff back. The shipping cost might be like a tank or two of gas, but for us, staying comfortable is worth it. Picture this: no more digging past ski boots in June while searching for kayak gear. If you're lucky enough to have friends across the country, they might let you leave gear with them. We've been blessed with friends who did that for us, so no leaving our kayaks on the van all winter for us!

Next time you get ready to plan a trip make sure to plan out space for your adventure gear and clothing options. We know space is tight, but with the right planning, you can have everything you need for a great trip.

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