Camper van life is a fun, unique alternative to the traditional apartment or house. Still, being inside a camper van for hours at a time can become dull. Here are three ways to upgrade your camper van outdoor living space so you can enjoy the outdoors wherever you go.


An awning is an overhang to provide additional coverage from the sun. It attaches to the side of your camper van for better shading. Awnings are a great upgrade for your camper van because they’re easy to install and add a nice visual aesthetic. Additionally, they provide some coverage from rain, wind, and other environmental conditions when you’re outdoors enjoying the new sights.

Outdoor Kitchen

Another way to upgrade your camper van outdoor living space is with an outdoor kitchen. Living in a camper van can get cluttered, so you may not have any cooking opportunities inside unless you customize a stovetop. That’s where outdoor kitchens come in handy. All you need is some basic camp kitchen gear, like a cooking station. You can find kitchen islands with propane hoses, integrated sinks, baskets, side tables, and hooks for pots and pans. Another idea is to use storage containers for nonperishable foods and spices and coolers for proteins or other perishable foods. Don’t forget cleaning supplies after you’ve cooked and eaten your food.

Mobile Garden

Lastly, consider a mobile garden. While it may not seem like the most feasible project, everyone can enjoy greenery with their camper van. All it takes is a couple of potted plants or herbs. It may help to purchase greenery that doesn’t require much sunlight or water. However, if you opt for traditional plants or herbs, you’ll have plenty of sunlight and water as you travel around. Best of all, plants boost your mood, reduce stress and fatigue, and can add life to a sterile space like a camper van.

These are just a few ways to convert your camper van for outdoor use, but the opportunities are endless. If you’re looking for high-quality camper van awnings, check out our selection at Unaka Gear. We carry Thule, Dometic, and Fiamma awnings, as well as bracket kits, extensions, adapters, and much more. Call now!

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