There are many considerations with van life. While out on the open road or off in the wilderness, you need to keep in mind electricity, security, and storage. Fortunately, that’s where roof racks come in. If you’re someone who isn’t sure about the investment, read this guide on what to know before you buy a roof rack for your van. You will see roof racks are not just an aesthetic improvement but a versatile, secure piece of equipment to provide more space and functionality for your vehicle.

Why Get a Roof Rack?

Roof racks offer some of the best versatility for any van or larger vehicle. There are many reasons to get a roof rack, especially if you plan to convert your van into a lifestyle vehicle to take on- and off-road. They’re functional, resilient, and customizable. Roof racks consist of a base, crossbars, and brackets to stow gear on your van’s roof. Many come with side rails for you to attach based on your needs. They can fit a wide variety of items, from kayaks, tents, and other outdoor accessories to more sophisticated items like solar panels and energy converters.


The first consideration to make is size. Each van is built differently than the other, so it’s important you select the right size roof rack. The year, make, and model of your van will help determine the size of roof rack you need. There should be sufficient room for the crossbars, brackets, and any accessories without overloading your roof. Fortunately, we carry the perfect size roof racks for Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Even if you drive something else, there are many roof racks to fit your van to enhance your van life experience.


Perhaps the most important consideration with van roof racks is their functionality. Roof racks have multi-purpose functions. Many conventional vehicles use them to hold larger items, like kayaks, tents, fishing gear, camping gear, work ladders, tools, and other miscellaneous items. However, if your intention is to convert your van into a lifestyle vehicle, roof racks offer exceptional reliability to hold solar panels, batteries, insulators, chargers, switches, and circuit breakers. Roof racks offer full customization depending on your needs and purpose.


Of course, any major purchase requires time and a well-thought-out budget. Cost is an essential factor for your van. Depending on your lifestyle and intentions, roof racks can cost from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Of course, costlier roof racks offer stronger resilience to environmental conditions and rough terrain. Higher-quality roof racks also offer unique designs that focus on aerodynamics and durability to hold your solar panels and other items in place. Fortunately, Unaka Gear offers cost-efficient roof racks to fit your budget and van specifications.


Another aspect to consider before you buy a roof rack for your van is reliability. It is one of the most quintessential parts of a roof rack’s purpose. Since you’ll be doing a lot of installation and upkeep on your van’s roof, look for a roof rack that is easy to load and unload. Additionally, make sure to purchase the appropriate bracket kits to install the roof rack. If your roof rack does not come with a set of brackets and support pieces, then it may not be as dependable as more rugged or durable varieties.


Roof racks are meant to be seen. They are, after all, designed to fit securely on your van’s roof. While functionality, reliability, safety, and maintenance are important traits to look for in a roof rack for your lifestyle van, don’t neglect the aesthetic factor.

Here at Unaka, we sell some of the best-looking van roof racks on the market today. They’re sleek, rugged, and tough. For example, the rubber bulb at the front wind fairing shields your equipment from heavy winds. The mounting brackets provide tough durability to the aluminum side plates and cross bars. Not to mention, the matte black finish sharpens its look in any environment. The purpose of converting a van into a lifestyle vehicle is as practical as it is cosmetic. Therefore, choose a roof rack that provides a beautiful aesthetic while serving its functional purpose.


Safety is a crucial element you may not have considered when selecting a roof rack. Many van owners who want to engage in mobile living possess a do-it-yourself ethos. As with any DIY project, take safety into consideration. Make sure all brackets, bolts, and screws remain tightly in place. If you’re installing larger solar equipment, also check that these are secure. Any other accessories or outdoor gear must also be securely in place. The last thing you want when on the road is for your belongings to fall off the roof rack and endanger other motorists. You also don’t want anything to fall on you or risk electrical wiring issues when off-road without any help nearby.


Lastly, do yourself a favor and make sure maintenance is up to date. Even before purchasing the roof rack, make sure to perform routine checks to ensure your van is capable of holding one. The Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can all accommodate a roof rack. However, make sure your roof is nonetheless capable of withstanding the weight of the roof rack and additional equipment. Preventative maintenance mitigates any future issues wherever you go.

If you’re looking for reliable, adventurous, and safe van roof racks, you’ve come to the right place. Unaka Gear has everything you need for your Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, or Mercedes Sprinter vans. With many discounts and low prices available, we have your budget in mind.

Converting a van into a mobile living space is no easy task. However, our selection of high-quality roof racks makes a difference. Capable of holding solar panels and equipment, you’ll save on energy and reduce your carbon footprint without risking damage to your vehicle or belongings. Call now with any questions or concerns, and we’ll help you find the best roof rack for your lifestyle van.

What To Know Before You Buy a Roof Rack for Your Van

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