The goal for van living is to live your best life as comfortably as possible. But when the sun beats down, you have to hide from the heat. Explore the most common types of camper van awnings to escape the sun’s wrath.

Driveaway Awnings

A driveaway awning is a portable, self-supporting awning. Although any tent can classify as a driveaway awning, there are particular models designed to fit atop your van to provide shade.

The finest driveaway awnings are compact when folded and can be stowed in a tiny space, making them an ideal van life accessory. Some are inflatable to facilitate rapid assembly and reduce potential harm should they get dislodged in heavy gusts of wind.

Van lifers who want more living space at their location can benefit from driveaway awnings. You can hang out there, work, unwind, and appreciate a beautiful sunny day.

Traditional Awnings

If you plan on staying at a particular location for an extended period, a traditional camper van awning is the way to go. Driveaway awnings are ideal for those who are always moving, staying the night at one place and waking up to drive somewhere new the next. A traditional awning, on the other hand, is for folks who don’t intend to leave for a few weeks. Since traditional awnings are more robust than others, it will take more effort to set them up.


Canopy awnings come attached to the vehicle and retract into a case on the side of the van. Awning sides are sold separately to allow the canopy to turn into a tent for extra storage or sleeping space. Canopies are nice for those who don’t want to go through the trouble of building and taking down an awning, and they operate as window shades for your van.

Tailgate Tents

Lastly, a tailgate awning is a versatile addition to any campervan, allowing you to set up camp wherever you go. Because of how quickly and easily you can set up and take down a tailgate awning, you can use it whenever you need it, regardless of the weather or your camping style.

No matter which of the most common types of camper van awnings you go with, Unaka Gear Company wants to provide you with the best. We proudly supply awnings from two of the most trusted names in the business, Fiamma and Thule, to ensure you get the awning you need.

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