Having a reliable source of electricity to charge gadgets is a typical worry for those who choose the “van life” or live in a van as their primary residence. There’s nothing worse than a dead battery when driving, so it’s crucial to know camper van electricity options for van living.

Campground Hookups

Mostly everyone who has lived in a home knows the plug-in method of powering things. If your phone or computer is dying, you get out the power cord and plug it into an outlet. Unfortunately, trees don’t have three-pronged holes, so you don’t have that luxury in the wilderness.

Campground managers are aware of the boom of the van life movement, leading to designated hookup areas for electricity. Paying for a campground hookup is the least stressful solution, especially if you’re not averse to minor construction projects or are confused about how electricity works.

Large electrical gadgets like microwaves and air conditioners can juice up from the campsite’s electrical connections. While campgrounds with connections are useful, they may become pricey quickly. Depending on the season and the kind of campground, the nightly rate might make you gasp. Not all campgrounds will let you utilize RV connections with a converted van.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are fantastic options for anyone seeking an eco-friendly and simple way of living. Despite their widespread use, van solar panels require a hefty initial investment. Once you consider the money you’ll save in the long term, you should jump at the chance to get solar panels. Due to their somewhat increased complexity, it might be in your best interest to hire a professional installer. At the very least, they can assist you in your efforts.

A Generator

Many homeowners rely on a generator to supply power throughout their homes if their city’s electricity fails them. A generator is a dependable power source for nearly any situation, especially for van life.

Many people living in vans use generators for continuous power. If you are employing solar energy to charge your devices, a generator is a good backup plan because solar energy isn’t endless. Don’t forget to bring an additional gasoline supply to guarantee your generator is never out of commission.

A significant drawback of generators is their noise. When you desire peacefulness and serenity, the noise of your generator can be like a wet blanket.

Your Alternator

Whenever you can accomplish two things in one fell swoop, you might charge your electronic devices as you proceed to your next destination. Banking on the alternator to supply power makes sense for one item, but things can get iffy the more devices you connect.

Suppose you want to charge many devices simultaneously on the road; you’ll need an adapter with multiple charging ports. It doesn’t hurt to add a second battery to stay on the go while your devices recharge.

There’s no definitive solution between the camper van electricity options for van living, and you could even use all four throughout your van living. Regardless of which option suits you best, Unaka Gear Company is your go-to source for everything involving van life. Our goal is to provide you with the best camper van essentials to keep your life on the road safe and fruitful.

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