We’ve been exactly where you are right now – working hard on building your campervan and feeling that burnout creeping in. When Cat and I started to feel that way, we decided to take the van camping. That’s right— before the van was finished we took it camping. I called it a glorified tent. 

Take your van camping – I mean it. Even if your van isn't entirely finished yet, don't let that stop you from hitting the road. It doesn't have to be a grand expedition or a lengthy camping trip; a short local getaway will do the trick.

Having fun during the build is crucial to avoid burnout. Building a camper van is a time-consuming endeavor, and if you're waiting for it to be completed before enjoying it, you might miss out on some of the fun.

So, go ahead and take a break from the build. Plan a fun adventure nearby, gather the essential items needed to make your van functional, and set off on a mini camping expedition.

Not only will this give you energy, but it will also give you a taste of what your finished van will offer. There's something special about being on the road in a van you've built with your own hands.

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