Windows provide light and ventilation for your van and can eliminate blind spots, making it safer to drive. While the cab windows can bring in fresh air and let odors and humidity out, they are the least effective in helping with airflow in your van. 

Adding windows to your van
You can always add more windows to your van. Take into consideration the benefits and downsides to the placements of your windows. 

Windows behind the driver and front passenger seats help you check for blind spots. A side bunk window can bring in light and airflow into your sleeping space.

Making the most of your airflow
While you’ll get plenty of light from your windows, the biggest perk is the ventilation they provide. Opening the windows can reduce the condensation buildup inside your van. You can also get some nice airflow with a cross breeze by opening your door or window and letting the airflow across your space out another opening.

Things to consider 
There are a few downsides to consider when choosing windows and their placements in your camper van. If not properly insulated, windows can bring too much summer heat into your van or cause you to lose needed heat during cold winter months. You can lose the value of your insulation with a faulty window. Windows can also lead to leaks if they are not properly fitted. 

Also, keep in mind that the more windows you install the less likely your van will blend in like a standard panel van. Windows can decrease your privacy and allow easier access for an intruder.

Our rear windows were helpful when we first started our van life because they made driving a little easier, but we wouldn’t install them again. Now we keep them covered by curtains to keep the van cooler and provide more privacy. The back windows also make it more noticeable to outsiders that the van is our home.

AM Auto
We stock AM Auto windows that help turn your van shell into a livable space. They are aluminum frame windows made with safety glass and come with a six-month warranty. You can customize your windows to your needs with glass or slider options and can choose clear or privacy windows. Fly screens on the windows also make it easy to bring in cool air and keep out pests. If you’re not sure which windows will best suit your van make or your needs, contact us.

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