Besides the vehicle, the awning for your camper van may be the most integral part of staying comfortable for van lifers. There are several purposes for the awning. For many, it expands your living area outside, turning it into a front porch. This front porch space is a welcoming location to work, dine, or unwind. Follow these four tips for maintaining your camper van’s awning to keep everything in working order.

1) Keep Tabs On the Weather

It’s crucial to keep your awning out of the way during periods of intense rain and to give it time to dry completely before storing it. Arrange one side of the awning lower than the other while it is pouring to prevent water from collecting in the middle. Your awning may degrade more quickly than normal if pooled water is present.

Other than rainfall, winds are a huge concern regarding your awning. It is preferable to store your awning till the gusts have settled down, particularly if the wind speeds are more than 15 mph. Keep a watchful eye on your awning if you cannot store it during heavy winds. Strong gusts have the power to pull it off completely.

2) Wash Your Awning

Putting your awning through the wringer will require you to do some scheduled cleaning. You should wash your awning frequently to remove the accumulated muck, sap, and leaves and prevent mildew and mold growth.

A periodic traveler may get away with washing their awning once every six months. Yet, the nomadic wanderer might have to do more than occasionally spraying it with the hose. You may have to scrub the awning with a cleaning brush and soft soap to remove tough stains. Do this gently, or else you could ruin the coating. Staying vigilant about cleaning your awning guarantees you’ll have a quality awning for several years.

3) Rules To Follow for Storing the Awning

While cleaning your awning is paramount, proper storage tactics are equally vital. Your awning might suffer a great deal of damage from improper drying techniques. Improper drying may lead to the formation of mold growth, dry rot, or rust on your awning’s mechanical parts.

If you’ve just cleaned your awning, give it time to dry before rolling it up and putting it away. Additionally, if you leave your awning out on a wet or steamy day, you should wait at least three more days before storing it. A problem for sporadic travelers is putting away a wet awning, allowing the excess water to rest there for weeks.

4) Roll the Awning Up When You’re Not Using It

The awning’s primary function is to block the sun. Sadly, repeated UV ray exposure may cause significant damage to your awning. Roll up and store your awning to decrease deterioration when you don’t need protection from the bright rays. Rolling up your awning is particularly important if you live in a camper van full-time and often use your awning or are frequently on the go.

Following these four tips for maintaining your camper van’s awning extends the lifespan of your rooftop awnings. Unaka Gear’s camper van awning is neat and easy to install. Choose from black, polar white, or titanium to give your camper van the best coverage.

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