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Fiamma 80s 

If you need to mount an awning directly to the roof of your van the F80S is a great option. 



Compact section: case and lead bar are more compact but as strong as ever. The awning has improved aerodynamic performance as a result of having a 20% slimmer cross-section than F65s model

Triple Guide: three guides on the lead bar

Secure Lock: the legs can be fixed to the ground or to the wall and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted with a telescopic safe and practical system

Aluminium end caps: new design for the aluminium end caps for maximum strength

Extra-Strong Arms: wider, reinforced and articulated arms with double steel cable for optimal canopy tensioning

Rafter: central tension rafter in aluminum delivered as standard for awnings from 400cm long

Installation brackets: the awning is provided without brackets, simply choose the most suitable one for your vehicle. More than 40 different kits to choose from

Motor Kit: the awning can be fitted with a double version of the Motor Kit, the Motor Kit Compact (with wall control panel) or the "Plus" version (wall control + remote control).


Selecting your awning:

Review the table below and scroll over to see recommend awning sizes for your Sprinter, your Transit, or your Ram ProMaster Van.  Before selecting, we highly recommend double checking your rack length and height dimensions to confirm the size that works for your specific situation.

If you don't see your van type or size, just email us at and we will help you out.

***Note the if the Max height of the awning is exceeded then the awning legs will have to be attached to the side of the van using the leg wall brackets sold separately.***

Van Type and Size Suggested Awning Size

Adapter Kit Required

Ram ProMaster, 136" WB High Roof F80S 320 98655-745
Ram ProMaster, 159" WB High Roof F80S 370 98655-745
Ram ProMaster, 159" WB Extended High Roof F80S 400 98655-904
Ford Transit, 148" WB Does Not Fit N/A
Ford Transit, 148" WB EL Does Not Fit N/A
Sprinter 144" WB HR F80S 320 98655-722 (with rails) / 98655-746 (no rails)
Sprinter 170" WB HR F80S 400 98655-722 (with rails) / 98655-746 (no rails)

Fiamma F45s Awning Dimensions

Item Description
07830B01R F80s 320 - Polar White (10'6") - 8'2" extension/58 lbs.
07830D01R F80s 370 - Polar White (12'2") - 8'2" extension/66 lbs.
07830E01R F80s 400 - Polar White (13'2") - 8'2" extension/71 lbs.
07832B01R F80s 320 - Titanium (10'6") - 8'2" extension/58 lbs.
07832D01R F80s 370 -Titanium (12'2") - 8'2" extension/66 lbs.
07832E01R F80s 400 - Titanium (13'2") - 8'2" extension/71 lbs.
07831B01R F80s 320 - Deep Black (10'6") - 8'2" extension/58 lbs.
07831D01R F80s 370 - Deep Black (12'2") - 8'2" extension/66 lbs.
07831E01R F80s 400 - Deep Black (13'2") - 8'2" extension/71 lbs.


 More Information: 

Click here to go straight to the Fiamma's F80s Awning Product Page


Click here to see Fiamma's Official Installation and Usage Manual

Lead Times: 
Awnings:  The Fiamma F80s awnings typically take 2 to 3 weeks to assemble and then a few days to ship to you by a LTL freight carrier.  If you have questions about the current lead time email us at  Otherwise we will send you a lead time update as soon as you place your order.  

Awnings with Motors:  If you choose to add a motor and have it assembled at the factory this typically adds an additional 3 weeks to the lead times above.  If you would prefer to install it yourself just let us know when you place your order and we can make that happen which can save you a few weeks lead time.

Use the drop down below to select your size, then choose your color!