Van life has become a trend among younger generations for many reasons. Some want to explore the countryside. Others find it a financially viable alternative to the current state of the housing market and rising rental prices. Some find it to be a fun getaway from conventional living. Whichever your reason, you’re likely wondering which van life accessories are worth the hype? This guide will answer your questions with some reasonable suggestions.


Wherever you go, an awning is a must-have. Van travel allows you to go wherever you want, but the interior of the van can get stale and crowded depending on the number of people and/or accessories you have within. That’s where an awning comes into play. These allow for extra space outside your van. Additionally, awnings protect against sunlight and weather so you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in peace.

Solar Panels

Living in a van means you’re away from a third-party energy supplier typical in neighborhoods and subdivisions. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your technological devices on or off the road. Solar panels are a great energy-efficient way to harvest and convert solar energy into usable electricity. It also reduces your carbon footprint. If your van currently cannot hold solar panels, a roof rack will come in handy. Make sure to secure it with a bracket kit so it remains secure.

Roof Rack

Speaking of which, roof racks are great versatile accessories for any van. There are many reasons why roof racks are one of the van life accessories that are worth the hype. For starters, they can hold your larger items in place. More specifically, van roof racks are capable of securing solar panels and solar parts to provide a reliable energy system even when travelling through rough conditions. Be sure to purchase a roof rack with a grid system using high-quality materials to withstand any rugged conditions.

Bug Net

Lastly, consider a bug net. While living in a van means you protect yourself from outside elements, bugs remain a nuisance. Any open window or door is a chance for mosquitoes and other insects to enter. Therefore, a bug net prevents this from happening. Not to mention, it allows you to sleep with the windows open to further enjoy the outdoors without any pests.

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