Let's talk about one of our absolute non-negotiables – swivel seats. Living in a van means we've gotta be space-savvy, like real-life Tetris masters. Swivel seats take space optimization to a whole new level.

We used the Alpine Mechanisms swivel seats. We really like them for a few reasons:

  1. They're made right here in the USA.
  2. They're as low-profile as it gets – just a teeny-tiny 0.5" height. That means more space for everything else.
  3. The same size fits both the driver and passenger sides. 
  4. These swivel seats are really easy to install.  No advanced engineering skills required – just some good vibes and a willingness to get the job done.

So there you have it. These space-saving wonders let us enjoy life on the road to the max and make every inch count.

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