“Go west, young man” sounds like a wonderful idea until you feel the sun’s wrath as it begins to set, especially when you’re in your camper van. When traveling across the country, the sun can be your best friend and your worst enemy. One way to guarantee that you can enjoy your trip is by taking advantage of these six benefits of adding an awning to your camper van.

1) Creates Shade

The primary reason anyone would want an awning on their camper van is to provide shade. Most of the subsequent benefits relate to an awning being your form of climate control. Even when the sun is beating down on you on a hot summer day, an awning will be your shield and help you combat the heat.

Most campers will want to spend as much time outside their camper vans as possible. Unless you prefer living in tight quarters like a snugged bug, we doubt anyone chooses the camper life just because they enjoy the confines of a camper van over a home. You chose this life to enjoy the great outdoors, and you want to spend every second possible outside. Fortunately, spending time outside your van is much easier with an awning that can provide shade. An awning keeps you cool and creates a wind tunnel, allowing you to feel a cool breeze on your skin.

As much as you enjoy getting some Vitamin D from the sun, its UV rays can take a toll on you without the appropriate protection. If you ditch traditional life and transition to van life permanently, you must do everything possible to protect yourself from relentless sun exposure. The best-case scenario is a minor sunburn, but you are at a severe risk of developing more serious health problems, such as cancer or eye damage.

2) Keeps the Van Cool

It’s great that an awning keeps you cool from the sweltering sun, but even more importantly, it keeps your van cool. The temperature inside the van can dramatically rise if there’s nothing between it and the sun, causing the interior of the van to feel like the inside of an oven.

Keeping a van cool is vital because you have a limited amount of battery life available. You don’t have the luxury of cranking the air conditioner when managing your energy consumption. Save that power for more pressing matters that could arise by using the awning as an effective barrier.

3) Blocks Rain

There’s a reason most sleep and deep relaxation apps have a “rain hitting a tent” feature. Hearing that pitter-patter on your awning is one of the most calming sounds you can hear. Your awning provides the shelter necessary to remain outside during light rain and appreciate Mother Nature. Witnessing rainfall around the trees and wildlife feels far different than it does when you watch a storm indoors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because you lack an awning.

4) Adds an Extra Room

An awning is essential for controlling the elements around you. Yet, it provides additional benefits beyond its practical use of keeping you cool and away from the sun. An awning also allows you to create an extra usable space out of thin air.

Sitting comfortably and relaxing in your revamped camper van can be a challenge. Space is at a premium, and there’s only so much rearranging you can do before you run out of ideas. Your awning extends the width of your living space, giving you a place to gather and lounge when you want to take a break. You can even add some furniture and roll out a rug to make the space under the awning feel like a standard living room.

5) Offers Privacy

You might want to take a pit stop at a local RV park or campground. While those are fantastic places to meet new people, conversate, and enjoy some company, you will also lose your privacy. Sometimes, you may not want to sit outside without strangers. Lowering your awning screen is a straightforward way to create a virtual wall and gain the confidentiality you seek.

Additionally, this screen could protect you from some aspects of being out in the wild. The awning can protect you from falling leaves, seeds, and, perhaps most importantly, bird droppings. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a shade cover to make a difference if a bear wants to poke around, but the awning can offer protection from minor inconveniences.

6) Expands Entertainment Options

An awning can assist your efforts when you want to be a social butterfly and converse with those around you. Since it creates an extra room, you can use the space under the awning for entertaining. Fire up the grill and make a circle of chairs for guests. Use this opportunity to enjoy a well-made s’more around a nice fire and share your favorite scary story with your loved ones in the cool, crisp night air.

The seven benefits of adding an awning to your camper van prove that an awning rack is a worthy investment. Let Unaka Gear be your source for your new awning and any accessories you want to add. Our awnings are easy to install and come in three colors, so you can pick one that best suits your camper van.

Awning Camper Van

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