Converting your cargo van into a camper van takes a lot of work. Fortunately, the right installation guide will help streamline the process. Still, you don’t want to forget any part of your camper van. Since space is limited, you need to be mindful when fitting your camper van with the right accessories for extra storage, power, and lighting. That’s where a roof rack comes in. Here are five ways to make the most of your camper van roof rack.

Solar Panels

The main consideration for your roof rack is energy supply. That’s where an intricate solar system comes into play. When setting up solar panels on your roof rack, make sure to follow all installation procedures accordingly. Keep in mind all wiring, mounting brackets, converters, and each individual solar panel when accounting for space. When you bear this in mind, you’ll have a reliable stream of power generating from your roof rack to your appliances and technological devices.


It also helps to have an awning. Awnings are practical additions to your camper van that make it feel homey. Traveling across the country takes you to exciting new places. It also exposes you to new environments. An awning provides shade, comfort, and protection against environmental conditions. You can grill or leisure outside without risking sunburn or rain. Awnings are a practical option for those who want to make use of their outer perimeter for extra space and convenience.

Light Bar

Light bars are not just meant for pickups and Jeeps. In fact, a high-quality light bar is one of the best ways to make the most of your camper van roof rack. Roof racks have plenty of space for additional accessories. While a light bar may not seem as important as a solar energy grid or awning, it serves a dual purpose. It helps you see when driving at night, and it looks cool. Sometimes, a vehicle’s brights don’t cut it. Light bars provide additional lighting to illuminate unlit roads or off-road travel when camping overnight.


If you want practicality, a side ladder is the move. How else are you going to easily access your roof rack to ensure everything fits correctly? A side ladder is an efficient option to easily access the roof of your camper van. With it you can check cargo, your light bar bulbs, and solar panel installation to ensure everything fits. The last thing you want is for something to fall off and hurt other motorists or damage local wildlife.

Gear Storage

Finally, don’t forget to use your roof rack for gear storage. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or not, roof racks provide additional space to store your belongings. They can safely house large items, like kayaks or camping gear, or you can purchase a cargo container to mount on top. Camper vans are notorious for limited interior space, and one of the best ways to work around that is to optimize your roof capabilities.

If you’re looking for a high-quality roof rack kit, Unaka gear has you covered. Our van roof racks are the perfect accessory for your Transit, ProMaster, or Sprinter van. You’ll notice the durability, aesthetic, and strength our roof racks offer. We also sell bracket kits separately to ensure everything stays in place. Call now with any questions or for more information!

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