Product details


VanEssential roof vent cover are designed to fit the MaxxAir Fan or Fantastic Fan with 16.5″ x 16.5″ flange. Our cover helps to block unwanted light coming in from your roof fan to help you sleep better and regulate your vans temperature as the fan is only a thin piece of plastic protecting you from the elements.

All vent covers come with a storage sack to store when not in use.  


Our roof vent covers are supplied with an installation kit. This kit has 11 magnets (10 for installation, 1 for spare just in case a magnet is cracked). This process takes approximately 10 mins to install. Tools needed are a Philip head screw driver and some painters or other tape with the steps outlined below. 

  • Remove the fan/vent flange from the interior of your van (most are attached with four screws)
  • Place the window cover on a flat surface with the tag side facing down
  • Place the flange on top of the cover so that the flat surface rests on the cover
  • Place the included magnets on the flange so that they snap into place with the magnets inside the fan cover.
  • Use painters tape (or similar) to secure the magnets in place.
  • Install the flange back into your van. 
  • Your vent cover can now attach into place when needed.