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Thule HideAway Rack Mount Brackets for 8020 or Unistrut Racks (Set of 3)

If you want to add a Thule HideAway awning to your 8020 or unistrut roof rack all you need is a set of our custom mounting brackets for the Thule HideAway Rack Mount awnings. Our custom brackets are laser cut out of 1/4" thick A36 Steel, professionally welded, and then powder coated black for durability and corrosion resistance.  Each bracket comes with all of the Stainless Steel hardware required for installation.

The traditional Thule Rack Mount Brackets are sufficient for some installations but without getting creative they don't work with many DIY 8020 or Unistrut racks.  Some people find that they also need more than the 2 brackets that come in a Thule's standard set.  We simplified the process by not only designing a bracket that fits seamlessly with your 8020 roof rack kit but it is also robust and comes as a complete set of 3 to ensure your awning stays where it is supposed to. 

Extension Brackets: 

56.75" Long Cross Bars:  If you are using our 56.75" Wide Cross bars which give you a side rail to rail center spacing of 58.25" we recommend adding a set of extension brackets to give you the extra flexibility you need to position your awning exactly where you want it.  Click here for more details!

60.25" Long Cross Bars:  If your 8020 rack uses our 60.25" wide cross bars or has roughly a side rail to side rail spacing of 61.75" then most customers find that the standard bracket gives them all of the installation flexibility they need and the extension brackets are not needed.

 As always if you have any questions about our products don't hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help!

 Features and Benefits

  • 3 x Custom designed Ram ProMaster Specific bracket to attach your Thule HideAway Rack Mount awning to your 8020 (15 series) roof rack
  • Laser cut 1/4" thick A36 Steel
  • Tabbed design increases strength and ensures fixturing repeatability 
  • Stainless Steel Hardware for 15 series 8020

Not Included

  • Awning Extension Brackets
  • Any hardware required to bolt these brackets to Unistrut roof racks
  • Thule HideAway Rack Mount Awning

Overall Dimensions:  Click through the product images above for detailed bracket dimensions

Installation Notes:

  1. We recommend adding some Blue 242 Loctite to the threads of your bolts when you do the final installation.  Even though we do not expect any, we recommend that you periodically check the hardware to ensure that nothing has loosened over time.

Click here to go to our full installation manual!