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The Fiamma F80s awnings are a popular choice in the van world but the main down side is that they make it impossible to install a roof rack for mounting solar panels or other accessories to your roof.  The Unaka Fiamma F80s Awning 8020 Roof Rack solves this issue so that you can have a world class awning but also a world class roof rack.

Each kit comes with the mounting brackets, the 8020 adapters, side rail assemblies, and cross bars.  Additional accessories can be added to customize your rack kit to meet your needs like a wind fairing, awning brackets, or additional crossbars

NEW PRODUCT:  This is a brand new product so if you have questions please contact while we work on updating all of our pictures and manuals.

Lead Time:  Contact for lead times. 

Note: Expect this shipment to arrive in 2 packages.  One package will contain hardware and the other will contain the roof rack.  

Base Kit Includes:

  • Unaka Ram ProMaster Roof Rack Brackets Qty. 4 (only 3 required for the 136WB)
  • Unaka 8020 Adapter Brackets Qty. 4 (only 3 required for the 136WB)
  • Unaka's Origional F80s Awning Bracket to 8020 Adapter (6 Brackets total)
  • 15 Series 8020 side rails with joining plates (various lengths)
  • Quantity 4 x 15 Series 8020 cross bars
  • All required joining plates and stainless steel hardware required for assembly

 Features / Benefits:

  • Future proof design that allows you the flexibility to add or subtract in the future
  • Universal design that allows you to source countless accessories to meet your specific needs
  • Lite weight but strong.  This aluminum rack won't weigh you down. 

Cross Bar Lengths:  54.375" cross bars

***New Narrow Cross Bar Brackets:***  Our new and improved 4 Hole brackets give you the same bomber cross bar connection while saving you valuable side rail space.  These new brackets replaced the old 5 Hole L-brackets.  Please note that many pictures and manuals still show the old 5 Hole L-Brackets, we are working on updating these as quickly as possible.

Rack Kit Detailed Overview:

For a more detailed look into the Unaka 8020 Rack kits check out our Ram ProMaster Rack Overview Document.

Installation Information:  

Click here to see a basic installation manual for your 8020 kit.  If this manual doesn't answer all of your questions don't hesitate to reach out.  Our team is here to help.