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If you want to add 400W of Solar to your Ram ProMaster 136 or 159 without drilling into your roof or taking the risk of gluing your panels to your roof this kit is for you.  This kit includes everything required to create a simple rack that will support 400W of solar panels without consuming your precious roof space. 

Kit Includes:

  • Unaka Ram ProMaster Roof Rack Brackets Qty. 2 sets
  • Unaka 8020 Adapter Brackets Qty. 2 sets
  • 2 x 15 Series 8020 side rails (Front: 67" Long / Rear: 63" Long)
  • 3 x 15 Series 8020 cross bar assemblies (56.75 length, see details below)
  • All required joining plates and stainless steel hardware required for assembly
  • 4 x 8020 End Caps with self tapping end screws


  • The size of the solar panels dictates the length of crossbar needed to flush mount
    • Rich Solar panels must be mounted on the 60.25" crossbars to be flush mount
    • NewPowa solar panels can be used with the 56.75" crossbars flush mounted



- Future proof design that allows you the flexibility to add or subtract in the future

- Easily expandable to a full 8020 rack in the future

- Universal design that allows you to source countless accessories to meet your specific needs

- Lightweight but strong. This aluminum rack won't weigh you down.

- This kit maximizes your power per square foot with the use of high efficiency NewPowa 200W panels. At 55.28" x 27.76" these panels give you a ton of power for their size.

*Note: this kit will not fit the last 2 mounting locations on the 159" Extended


- Front Rack dimensions 67" x 59.75"

- Rear Rack dimensions 63" x 59.75"

Shipping Notes

Ships Free.

Expect this shipment to arrive in 2 packages. One package will contain hardware and the one package will contain the main roof rack components.