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The FreshJet 3 Series rooftop air conditioner delivers powerful and quiet performance, with 13% higher cooling capacity, 15% more airflow, and a 4dB reduction in noise level for more restful sleep. It’s 14% lighter and uses 28% less refrigerant than predecessors and is built with evaporator e-coated coils for durability. 13,500 and 15,000 BTU options keep your RV cool even on the hottest days.
    • Cooling Capacity: 13,500 BTU / 3956W or 15,000 BTU / 4396W
    • 14% lighter than previous Dometic Brisk II air conditioner models
    • Backwards-compatible with existing Dometic and competitor air returns
    • Ducted and non-ducted applications
    • Air distribution box (9600028602) required for non-ducted application (Sold Separately)
    • Return air grille (9108853312) and control kit (9600024569) required for ducted application (Sold Separately)
    • This package will be shipped via LTL only


The FreshJet 3 Series rooftop air conditioner improves the way you cool your RV so you can cool down quickly—and rest easier. The innovative blower system quietly moves an average of 350 cubic feet of cool air per minute, providing a faster cooldown in hot ambient temperatures. With 13% more cooling power, you can focus on your RVing experience and time with friends and family. EPP foam insulation on the inside of the unit reduces weight, provides protection, and reduces noise for more restful sleep. The advanced design and state-of-the art materials offer one of the RV industry’s lightest weight rooftop air conditioners available. The composite base pan and shroud not only look modern but also save weight—so you can keep your load light for your next adventure.


The FreshJet FJX3000 series rooftop air conditioners simplify the way you cool your coach. Easily set the temperature and fan speed with the twist of a knob on the Mechanical Air Distribution Box to welcome refreshing air. Our custom blower system quietly moves 280 cubic feet per minute of cool air and provides a faster cool down in hot ambient temperatures. We know what is important to you, so we designed the innovative FreshJet air conditioner with 13 percent more cooling power over the competition. Now you can focus on your RVing experience and time with friends and family instead of worrying about the interior temperature of your coach.


Enjoy an adventure-filled day outside with the peace of mind that when you return to your RV, you will be able to cool down quickly. The Dometic FreshJet 3 Series air conditioner has more airflow so you can enjoy a faster cooldown to rest and recharge after a long day. The patent-pending blower system quietly moves satisfying amounts of chilly air ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the RV, day and night. The Air Distribution Box features powerful front and back airflow and ergonomic knobs for simple, intuitive operation. The FreshJet interfaces with ducted and non-ducted applications and is backwards-compatible with existing Dometic controls and air returns as well as competitors’ air returns.


A vacation should leave you feeling relaxed. Getting a good night’s sleep, while away, can play a big role in this. When staying in an RV, loud and noisy air conditioners may result in a disrupted night’s sleep. The alternative is most likely trying to find a way to sleep in a hot RV instead. Thanks to the FreshJet’s ultra-quiet and super powerful performance, RV owners can enjoy peaceful sleep in a comfortable climate. Everyone deserves to wake up full of energy after enjoying a restful and deep night’s sleep.