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8020 Style Aluminum Extrusion is a popular DIY material and it makes the great base for a flexible roof rack system.  The only trick is how do you attach this extrusion to the roof of your Sprinter.  Don't worry, we are here to help.  

We designed our 8020 brackets so that when you mount your cross bars flush with your side rails you only have a 1/2" clearance between the bottom of your cross bars and the highest point of your roof.  Our 8020 Adapter Brackets are precision laser cut out of 5052 Aluminum, formed, and then black powder coated for that extra corrosion resistance and a nice finished look.  Our formed bracket design is bent to 90 degrees.  Each bracket includes the stainless steel hardware you need to secure your 15 Series (1.5") Aluminum Extrusion 8020 Profile to our bracket.

If you are building your rack out of 8020 you should definitely check out our Flush Mount Solar Panel Brackets.  If you have purchased other brackets go ahead and return them.  You will just end up having to modify them or struggle with them to try and achieve the same look, but you won't.  Our brackets will give you an easy to install sleek looking aerodynamic installation that will outlast your van.  Click here to check out these Flush Mount Solar Panel Brackets!

As always if you have any questions about how to use these brackets, how to install them, common configurations, or other questions about your project let us know.  We are here to help!

Features and Benefits

  • Robust Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Light Weight
  • Black Powdercoated 5052 Aluminum is made to withstand all of mother nature's harshest environments
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Designed for minimum cross bar clearance over the highest roof point 

Rack Bracket Set Includes

  • 2 x Black Anodized Laser Cut and Formed 8020 Adapter Brackets
  • 2 x Hardware Kits which include two 5/16"-18 Square Carriage Bolts, two 5/16-18 lock nuts, two 5/16-18 flanged button head screws, stainless 5/16" T-nuts for 15 Series Aluminum Extrusion and a stainless laser cut slider plate.

Installation Notes:

  1. We recommend adding some Blue 242 Loctite to the threads of your bolts when you do the final installation.  Even though we do not expect any, we recommend that you periodically check the hardware to ensure that nothing has loosened over time.
  2. Ensure all bolts are properly torqued to the correct speciation for their size, material type, and application.