Awnings are among the most fundamental accessories to add to your campervan. If you’re looking for the right awning to match your van project, you’ve come to the right place! Read this brief guide to choosing an awning for your van to learn more.


Camper van awnings come in a range of shapes and sizes, so be sure to look out for a size that matches your van. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Ford Transit van, Ram ProMaster, or Mercedes Sprinter van. Each awning comes in a different size to match. For example, you can find 4.5’ x 6’ and 6.5’ x 8’ awnings. You can even find models as large as 10.7’ x 8’! Some awnings cover the entire camper van with 118 sq ft of coverage. Consider these different sizes before selecting your next awning.

Shape and Type

You may think all awnings take the same shape, and you would be right. Most awnings feature a conventional square surface that attaches to the side of your roof rack to provide protection and shade against UV radiation and weather. Plus, you can sit outside and enjoy the scenery wherever you’ve traveled. While most awnings feature a square shape, some cover the entire camper van with a rectangular style. Keep the awning type in mind before purchasing.

Camper van awnings come in three types: retractable, manual, and air. Retractable awnings permanently attach to the roof rack or side of the camper van. Manual awnings require a hand crank to function. Finally, air awnings are inflatable with an air compressor like an inflatable air mattress.


You may want a basic awning or something rugged with greater weather resistance to complement your van. Either way, functionality is another consideration in this brief guide to choosing an awning for your van. Some models provide the bare minimum for UV protection and shade. Others use highly durable materials for rain runoff. Keep in mind that not every camper van awning is the same. Some are notorious for pooling rainwater, which can lead to water damage if left unattended. Some awnings don’t provide any shade wall but are light and easy to mount.


Cost is an important consideration. Camper van awnings can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand, depending on the make and model. Price isn’t everything, but it’s an important consideration. If you’re converting your campervan on a budget, you may want to opt for a cheaper yet durable model. If you have more to spend, consider a pricier option with extra functionality, like weather protection, shade, and retractability. Once you’ve found a camper van awning to match your van, you don’t need to worry.

If you’re in the market for camper van awnings and awning accessories, look no further than Unaka Gear! We have a wide selection of awning leg brackets to help mount your awning in the safest and most secure ways possible. Call now with any questions, and we’re happy to help!

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