Product details

The Buck/Boost converter series is a program of specially developed DC/DC converters for fully-controlled charging of an extra battery or a battery bank. Application is necessary in the case of boats or vehicles with an alternator intelligent control, and for general protection of the alternator in lithium systems. In the case of lithium systems, the alternator must be protected against overload, resulting in overheating, which arises because the voltage control of the alternator cannot anticipate zero resistance of lithium battery systems. The converter will charge the auxiliary battery with a pre-set charge voltage, eliminating high or low voltages. The converter can be fully programmed by means of a simple and user-friendly PC application (USB type A male to USB type B male cable needed) and can be programmed to charge a 12V or a 24V auxiliary battery from either a 12V or a 24V alternator and starter battery.

General features:
• Fully programmable
• Input voltage 10..30 Vdc
• Output voltage 10..30 Vdc
• Output current ( 12V) 25, 50 or 100A
• Output current ( 24V) 12,5, 25 or 50A
• Adjustable current limiter
• Automatic activation when engine running
• Output for activation/deactivation of loads
• Battery temperature monitoring (optional)
• LED status indicators
• M8 connections
• USB for configuration/monitoring
• Battery monitor