Unaka Gear Tray Modular Attachment Kit

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Product Description

Whether you are building a new gear tray or you want to upgrade your existing tray our Modular Attachment Rail Kit will give you the flexibility to utilize your gear tray to the fullest extent possible.  Maybe you don’t know what you plan to put in your tray or where and how you want to attach it.  Not only does our system give you flexibility and modularity, if you follow our installation process and bolt through the bottom and sides of your tray it will increase the overall strength of your gear tray to maximize its load capacity.  The black anodized 80/20 style aluminum extrusion gives a sharp finish to any gear tray.  Each kit includes two side rails with mounting hardware and one crossbar with brackets.  Once installed you can expand on your tray with more Unaka products like additional crossbars, dividers, tie down d-rings, or come up with your own DIY options.

Optional Accessories:  For more flexibility, we suggest adding a few Tie Down D-Ring kits and at least one additional crossbar assembly to get you moving in the right direction faster.

LIMITED TIME ONLY:  For a limited time only we will cut your side rails and crossbar rail to your specified length (+/- 1/16”) before shipping them to you.  Note our standard max lengths are 60.5” for the side rails and 17” for the cross bar.

As always if you have any questions or need a custom option let us know, we are here to help!

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible attachment points along the full length of your gear tray
  • Increases the strength of your gear tray when bolted through the sides and bottom
  • Gives you the flexibility to improve and change your gear tray in the future

Product Includes

  • 2 Side Rails with mounting hardware
  • 1 crossbar with hardware and brackets


  • 1” x 1” Black Anodized 80/20 Style Aluminum Extrusion
  • For Trays with Inside Length of 61.5” or longer (**without reducing the length)
  • For Trays with Inside Width of 19”  (**without reducing the length)
  • Attachment Rail Length:  60.5” LG (+/- 1/16”)
  • Crossbar Length:  17” LG (+/- 1/16”)