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Thule HideAway Awnings are lightweight and aerodynamic.  The Thule HideAway awning comes in three mounting styles which include the Roof Mount, the Rack Mount, or the Wall Mount.  Unaka Gear Co. currently supplies the first two options as standard but can offer the wall mount version upon request.

The Roof Mount is a good option but if you plan to build a rack for your solar panels then we recommend going with the rack mount awning and pairing it with our custom Unaka mounting brackets for a sleek bomb proof installation.  These brackets are sold in sets of 4.  

Click here for more information on our custom Thule HideAway Rack Mount Brackets.

Thule HideAway - Roof Mount:  This lightweight awning is designed to mount directly to your roof racks with adapters (sold separately).

Thule HideAway - Roof Mount:  This awning designed to integrate perfectly into the roofline of popular camper vans with adapter (sold separately).