Renogy Phoenix 300 Power Station

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Boasting a 337Wh capacity, Renogy PHOENIX 300 Power Station is one of the smallest and lightest rechargeable AC power supplies in its class thanks to the high energy density battery cells and compact design. Multiple output ports allow you to power an extensive range of devices and appliances fast and safely at the push of a button. The powerful LED flashlights on both sides of the folding handle will light your way up in the darkness.


Revolutionary Speed
  • The PHOENIX 300’s USB-C port features a Power Delivery (PD) technology that can pump out up to 60W power to compatible devices. Quick Charge (QC) technology allows for up to 18W of output power from the USB-A port.
Versatile Powering Options
  • The PHOENIX 300 is equipped with multiple commonly used output ports to power essential gadgets and small appliances, while a D-Tap port is at the ready for your photography and videography equipment.
Pure Sine Wave
  • Produce clean, silent, and stable AC power up to 200W with the pure sine wave inverter to power delicate electronic devices efficiently and safely.
Ultimate Safety
  • The battery management system (BMS) commands voltage control, temperature control, short circuit protection, and overcurrent protection to keep both the power station and your devices safe from damage.