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Ram ProMaster Wind Fairing, 2 Piece Design

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Ram ProMaster Wind Fairing, 2 Piece Design

Finish off your 8020 or Unistrut roof rack with a Ram ProMaster Specific Wind Fairing.  The Unaka Ram ProMaster Wind Fairing will help reduce wind noise and wind drag on your rack.  This wind fairing comes with a form fitted custom designed wind fairing specifically for Ram ProMaster vans.  The wind fairing is CNC machined out of two pieces of sleek 0.22" thick black acrylic plastic for a clean finish.  Each wind fairing comes with 5 engineered mounting brackets laser cut and formed out of x 3/16" thick 5052 aluminum.  After manufacturing these brackets are powder coated for extra corrosion resistance.  These mounting brackets are stout so that they will hold your wind fairing in place so that it deflects the wind instead of being deflected and rattling around.

New 2 Piece Design:  Our new 2 piece wind fairing design has the same great look and feel as the original 1 piece design but with several major benefits which helps get this wind fairing on your van for less.  The new design has a right hand and a left hand piece that are joined at the middle bracket during installation.  This design reduces material waste during manufacturing and since it can be shipped in a smaller box it significantly reduces your shipping costs.  If you are skeptical give it a try and if we can't meet your expectations we will give you a full refund or you can pay the difference and we will replace your wind fairing with a full length model.

As always if you have any questions about our products don't hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help!

 Features and Benefits

  • Ram ProMaster Specific Form Fitted Design
  • CNC Machined 0.22" Thick Black Acrylic Wind Fairing
  • 5 Robust Mounting Brackets and hardware

Wind Fairing Includes

  • 1 x Wind Fairing (1 Right hand and 1 left hand piece)
  • 5 x Wind Fairing Brackets
  • All hardware required to bolt the wind fairing to the brackets

Not Included

    Overall Dimensions:  

    Installation Notes:  

     ***Do not bolt the right hand and left hand pieces to the center bracket until one half of the wind fairing is secured to your cross bar.

    1. Loosely secure the half of the wind fairing to your cross bar that has the middle bracket bolted to it
    2. Loosely secure the other half of the wind fairing to the center bracket and your cross bar
    3. Make any adjustments to the position of the wind fairing and then tighten all hardware
    4. We recommend adding some Blue 242 Loctite to the threads of your bolts when you do the final installation.  Even though we do not expect any, we recommend that you periodically check the hardware to ensure that nothing has loosened over time.

    Click Here for installation instructions

    Click here to go to our full installation manual!