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Grande Paco Pad

If you haven’t already, take a deep breath and look at the price tag.  There is no getting around the fact that these things are pricey but if you like to camp and like to sleep well while camping give me a few moments of your time and hear me out. I honestly think that you are going to own a Unaka paco pad at some point in the future.  It might not be tomorrow, it might not be next year, or maybe even 10 years from now but you will eventually buy one.  If you end up waiting 5 or 10 years, there is a good chance that your friend that bought one today will still be sleeping comfortably with that same paco pad.  If you don’t end up buying one then you may spend many restless nights or mornings thinking about our Paco Pads.  If you don’t end up owning one that's all good too.  Maybe you already have a bomb proof setup.  Maybe you only camp once a year and it's harder to justify the cost.  We totally understand those situations but read on just in case you want one in the future.

Your Past Problems

Rain or a bad night's sleep for you or your spouse are two of the main things that can turn a fun camping weekend into a very memorable one (not in a good way).  Fortunately you can control one of these two things.  We have all had those restless sleepless nights on a slowly deflating air mattress.  Its like a slow form of torture that can only be solved by waiting it out until morning or getting up and turning on that loud air pump waking anyone around up.  This is assuming that you didn’t leave that air pump at home or forget extra batteries.  Maybe you use a thin foam bed mat and you wake up stiff in the morning from that one stick or rock that was right under the middle of your back.  Maybe you have a nice thermarest but don’t want to put it through extra abuse while car camping, sleeping in the back of your jeep, truck bed, or sleeping in an open field next to a fire watching the stars as you fall to sleep.  Whatever your current sleeping situation is, investing in our comfortable durable Paco Pads should solve most of your past problems.

Your Future with Our Paco Pad


The core features to our self inflating paco pads and the key to your great night of sleep are our 3 inch thick high density foam enclosed in our durable 18 oz PVC coated Polyester shell with two water tight air valves.  Our 3 inches of high density foam ensures that you can sleep comfortably even if you forgot to close the water tight self inflating vent or manage to put a small hole in it and didn’t take the time to patch it.  The 3” of foam ensures that even if you are sleeping on rough or uneven ground you will still sleep comfortably.  Our high density foam also allows your pad to be rolled up over and over giving you the same great night's sleep for many years to come.


Our paco pads are made from heavy duty 18oz PVC coated Polyester with friction welded seams to ensure many years of comfortable sleep.  This PVC coated polyester is the same type of material many commercial rafts are made from.  Think about that rafting trip you went on a few summers ago with your friends and family. Before that raft even hit the water it was tossed off the roof of a bus onto that gravel parking lot.  Then once on the water the raft slammed into and scraped over rocks and probably hit a few sticks or branches along the way.  After your adventure was over, that rafting company did the same thing to that raft over and over all summer long.  Those same events happened to the same raft day in and day out last summer and they will do it again next summer.  Our paco pads are made to last for years and years of comfortable nights sleep.

Where Can I Use My Paco Pad?

Paco Pads are great for any type of car camping trip, overlanding trip, canoeing trip, rafting trip, or going on a trip to your parents house where you, your friends, or kids would normally sleep on an air mattress or a bed mat.  Take it with you so the 5th person in your group has a place to sleep in that 2 bed hotel room.  You may like it enough where you would rather sleep on your paco pad than in that hotel room bed.  Take it to a football tailgate for your friend that likes to take that mid day nap.  You can take and use your paco pad pretty much anywhere you are setting up some sort of base camp style adventure.  Leave it rolled up in the back of your truck or car so that it's always close by.

You can pretty much use these things anywhere but there may be a few places

I’ll just go ahead and say you probably don’t want to pack and carry one of our paco pads on a backpacking trip several miles away from your car.  You will love yours enough to think about it but will probably decide not to as size and weight are usually your limiting factors while packing for a backpacking trip.

Self Inflating:

Each paco pad includes 2 water tight air valves that when opened allow your paco pad to self inflate.  There is no need to add extra air once inflated but if you like a stiffer night's sleep go for it.  In the morning open the air valves and deflate your paco pad as you roll it up.


Size:  72” Long x 27” Wide x 3” Thick

Material:  18 oz. PVC coated Polyester

Core:  High Density Soft Urethane Foam

Valves:  2 x Water Tight air valves

Bite the bullet and escape the doom loop of the $10 air mattress or you'll wish you did in 10 years.