Mallow Roaster 5000

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This is the ultimate marshmallow roaster.  The 1" diameter handle, end cap, and thumb knob are precision machined out of 6061 aluminum.  The knurled finish provides a sharp look and superior grip over anything else on the market.  The black anodized finish provides extra corrosion resistance and gives it a sharp look that makes this Mallow Roaster blow all others out of the water.  The 304 stainless steel shaft is meticulously tig welded to the laser cut stainless mallow prongs then hand ground smooth for a polished look.  The mallow prongs are perfectly spaced to keep your mallows where you want them.  The shaft is then cross pinned to the end cap and thumb knob completing the assembly process.  The Mallow Roaster 5000 shaft rotates effortlessly with your thumb so that you can ensure your mallow is toasted on all sides.  The total length is 38" to ensure you don't melt your arm off in your pursuit of caramelized sugar.

You can show up to the campfire with a tree limb, a coat hanger, a $1 telescoping deal , or you can roll in with the Mallow Roaster 5000.  While everyone else is eating mediocre mallows you'll be kicked back enjoying the taste of a perfectly melted and delicious mallow.  Go ahead and get this bad boy added to your estate plan because it will last a lifetime.