Unaka Heavy Duty Slide Out Gear Tray with Modular Rails

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Product Description

Whether your van is your full-time house or just your weekend shredding machine, your van needs a Bad Ass modular gear management system to make storing and accessing your gear Easy and Fast!  For some people, the key to their van is the kitchen, yes eating keeps you going.  For others it is the bed.  Yes, a good night’s sleep is clutch.  Maybe for you it is the fridge.  I also like keeping my cold beverages cold!  If you adventure hard enough you won't care what you eat, where you sleep, or the temperature of your drinks but you will care about how securely your gear is stored and how easy it is to access. Our gear trays are the key to successfully storing and protecting your gear in your van garage.

Start your van build off right by including one or two of our top of the line heavy duty gear trays with modular rails. Check out the full list of included features below which were all designed specifically to maximize the functionality of your gear tray!

Linear Slides:  The core to any gear tray are the linear slides.  Each of our trays are supported with a pair of Heavy Duty 60” full extension 500 lb capacity linear slides.  With 60 inches of extension these slides will allow your tray to fully extend making it easy to remove your bikes or any gear you have secured towards the back of your tray.  No, you don’t even have 150 lbs of gear you want to put in your tray but when these things are fully extended that extra capacity provides extra stability to keep your gear where it is supposed to be.  Note the linear slides 500 lb capacity is at an 18” extension distance.  Click Here for more info!

Side Support Rails:  Our ¾” Birch Plywood side supporting rails use wood t-nuts to bolt our heavy-duty linear slides to the rails instead of traditional wood screws.  In addition our side rails are counter-bored through for ease of installation.  To secure your tray to your van all you have to do is screw these directly to your sub floor through the rails instead of using a bunch of brackets like most DIY options use.

Gear Tray:  The actual slide out tray is manufactured out of ¾” Birch Plywood using a CNC laser to accurately and repeatedly cut out the profiles.  These trays are designed with integrated locking tab features which strengthen the overall tray.  The laser cut wood edges provide a unique look that will leave all of your friends envious. 

Gear Tray Modular Rails:  Our trays come with our integrated modular 80/20 style aluminum extrusion rails.  These rails are bolted through the sides and bottom of your tray which increase the overall strength of the tray.  More importantly these modular rails give you the flexibility to easily change your tray layout in the future.  These rails give you a secure way to store your gear without having to remove and add a bunch of random screws leaving your tray looking like Swiss Cheese.  Whether you choose to use these modular rails with additional Unaka Gear Tray Accessories, or you want to put together your own DIY storage options they give you a solid secure place to start.  Click here for more info, note dimensions may vary.

Optional Accessories:  For more flexibility, we suggest adding a few Tie Down D-Ring kits and at least one additional crossbar kit to your order to get you moving in the right direction faster.  Don’t worry, if you don’t see what you want let us know.  We also have several more must have accessories currently in product development!

Van Upfitters:  Ok, so not everyone wants to or has time to build their own van, we totally understand.  If you are working with a specific van upfitter on your build that's no problem, just tell them you want our tray system installed in your van!  We are happy to work with van upfitters all over the country to help you get the best van build possible.  

Product Includes:

  • This product comes completely assembled and ready to install
  • 1 Complete Gear Tray Assembly.  This includes the side rails, a back rail, the linear slides, gear tray, the 80/20 modular rails, 1 x 80/20 tray cross bar & brackets, and any associated hardware to assemble the above.

Not Included:

  • Since everyone’s van sub floors are different, we do not include any hardware to secure the tray to your van. 
  • Any additional dividers, cross bars, or side risers
  • Note some of the pictures displayed on our site are of custom variations of our gear trays and may show additional products which are not included with the standard kit.


  • ¾” Laser Cut Birch Plywood Construction
  • 60” Full Extension 500 lb capacity Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Linear Slides
  • 80/20 Style Modular Tray Rails, 1” x 1” profile
  • 80/20 Style Cross Bar, 1” x 1” profile


  • Outside Overall Dimensions:  64.1” Long x 26.03” Wide x 4.5” Tall
  • Tray Outside Dimensions:  63.25” Long x 23” x 3.875” Tall
  • Tray Inside Dimensions: 61.8” Long x 21.58” Wide x 3.17” Tall

As always if you have any questions or need a custom option or size let us know, we are here to help!

Installation Comments: 

Our gear trays come completely assembled and ready to install.  The only thing you have to do is determine what length bolts or screws you need which is covered in our installation instructions. 

Sub Floor Thickness:  If these trays are only going to be screwed to a wooden sub floor, we recommend a minimum sub floor thickness of 5/8” thick quality wood.  Your screw lengths should be long enough to fully extend through your sub floor.  A ¾” sub floor will provide even more holding strength and using a bolted connection through 5/8” or ¾” will be even stronger.  The most secure way to install these trays is with a bolted connection through your van floor and the next best with a screwed connection through your van floor followed by a bolted connection through your sub floor.

Disclaimer:  Since Unaka Gear Co. does not have any control over the materials you used in your van build and which hardware you choose to use to secure these trays to your van, we do not guarantee a specific load rating for these trays.  It is up to the installer to make informed decisions on how they install these trays, the amount of load they put in the tray, and where they put that load in the tray.