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If you are trying to maximize the amount of solar on the roof of your Ford Transit 148” High Roof van while still having room for fans or an AC unit then this is the rack kit for you.  This kit comes with everything you need to install 2 x 200W, 2 x 55W, and 2 x 30W Rich Solar panels for a total of 570 Watts of solar.  

Need a bit more versatility?  Check out the HSLD version of this rack here.  

The difference between the roof rack and HSLD roof rack:
The Rack features 8 cross bars designed to accommodate a MaxxFan and AC unit. 2 sets of 200W panel cross bars, 1 set of AC cross bars, and 1 set of Fan cross bars. The HSLD comes with 4 cross bars for mounting 2 regular solar panels and 1 x 8020 cross bar. Additionally, the Rack requires the separate purchase of 55W and 30W solar panels from

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Side rail assemblies with 15 Series 8020 sub rails
  • 8 custom mounting feet with rubber pads and hardware
  • 8 custom cross bars
  • Wind fairing assembly with rubber gasket
  • All stainless steel hardware required to install the rack kit

Not Included:

  • Dicor sealant
  • Tools
  • Solar Panels
  • MaxxFan
  • AC Unit


  • Transit 148 High Roof

Features / Benefits:

- A rack truly designed to maximize the amount of solar you can put on a 148” Transit while still using a MaxxFan and a Nomadic AC unit.

- Future proof design that allows you the flexibility to add or subtract in the future

- Everything is black powder coated except the black anodized 8020

- All Stainless Steel Hardware

- Lite weight but strong.  This aluminum rack won't weigh you down.

- Rack Core:  The core of the rack kit is constructed from laser cut 5052 aluminum in addition to 15 Series 8020 rails that run the full length of the rack.  These 15 Series side rails are not only bomber, but they give you maximum flexibility in positioning your cross bars up and down the length of the van.

- Flush Mount Solar Installation:  This kit keeps true to our goal to keep your racks low profile and sleek.  We design the cross bars to make solar panel installation easy, and also to give you that flush installation.

- Low Profile Cross Bars:  The laser cut and formed 5052 aluminum cross bars are the lowest profile cross bars on the market which allowed us to fit more solar power in less space.  We designed these to give your solar panels additional support along the length of the panel while giving a flush mount easy installation.  Our cross bars also include design features like cable routing and zip tie holes to simplify the cable management process of your solar system.

- Unaka Original Bi-directional Wind Fairing:  To finish off the look and feel of the rack kit, we capped everything off with 3/16” thick laser cut and powder coated 5052 aluminum wind fairing assembly.  Unlike most wind fairings on the market, our wind fairing is pitched in two different directions at the corners which makes it look sweet, and will help break / deflect wind around the sides of the rack.


86.1 lb

Shipping Notes

Ships Free!

Expect this shipment to arrive in 3 packages. One package will contain hardware, one package will contain your wind fairing, and the last package will contain the main roof rack components.