Product details


Technical parameters:

Heating power: 4 kW

Fuel: Gas

Voltage: 12V / 24V

Application: Vans, Campers, Trucks, Off-Highway, Boats/Yachts

Control unit with High Altitude Sensor

Includes: PU-28 Touch Screen Control Unit


  • Works on gas fuel
  • Maximum heating power of 4 kW for 12V or 24V model
  • Can produce up to 168 m3 of hot air flow in one hour
  • Used to heat medium size space
  • Reliable operation in low temperatures (up to -45°C/-49°F)
  • Available with 3 different marine installation kits or standard installation kit
  • Low noise level, low fuel consumption (max 0.51 l/h), implemented self-diagnostic
  • Can be operated with control panel or via smartphone with additional modem
  • Best suited for medium or large size truck cabins, commercial vehicle cabins, cargo compartments, campers, motorhomes, boats/yachts (up to 48 feet/15 m long)