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Our Products

Here at Unaka Gear Co. our goal is to bring you custom products that we engineer and manufacture that will make getting outside easier.  To clarify when we say “Easier” this can be anywhere from the shopping experience to physically helping you get outside.  Our goal is to give you a place to go for the best gear, to design gear that is easier to use or easier to install, or just give you the unique look you are after.  We use the latest engineering and manufacturing technology to design, prototype, test, and manufacture our products for you.  Our goal is for our products to fill gaps or solve issues with other options on the market and to provide a unique look to make your gear stand out.  If you do not see something that fits your needs don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we can help you solve your problem, it never hurts to ask. 

In addition to our custom Unaka products we also bring to you some of our favorite products from some of our favorite manufactures.  The products we select to sell will help make getting outside easier and more comfortable for you, your crew, and or your family.  Yes, you can find some of these products at REI or Amazon. We occasionally buy stuff from the big box stores too so no sweat.  Now you may wonder, why is Unaka selling the same stuff and why you should buy it from us?  The answer is that we may sell some of the same gear, but we only list and sell the gear that WE use.  We expect every piece of gear that we list on our website to meet our highest customers expectations, this includes our custom engineered products.  If something does not meet your expectations, please contact us directly so we can help solve any issues you may be having.  Buying our non custom retail products that you could buy elsewhere helps fuel the Research and Development of our custom engineered products.  We are working hard to bring custom solutions to you as quickly as possible so even if the products you see on our website now don’t meet your needs maybe the next set will.

The Unaka Gear Co. Team: 

The Unaka Gear Co. Team is made up of a core group of hard working people that are passionate about the outdoors.  Don’t be fooled by our Instagram posts and get Unaka confused with the other websites flooding the market.  We aren't trying to re-sell you a bunch of Amazon products through hyperlink web pages.  Unaka is here to bring you high quality products that we develop and retail products that we recommend.  Two of our team members do live in a van but they still work to develop, test, and market our custom products and our other retail products.  The rest of the team keeps the whole process going from the Unaka World Headquarters which is where the magic really happens.  The World Headquarters is where we do most of our 3D CAD design, product development, 3D scanning, 3D printing, prototyping, manufacturing, and of course shipping our products straight to you!

When we are not working hard to bring you quality products, we do our best to spend as much time Outside as possible.  If it’s an outdoor activity you can think of one us is probably into it from shredding on the biking trails, sending it in whitewater kayaks, to an afternoon hike with the family.  Our passion is what drives us to help you get outside faster. 

World Headquarters:  

The Unaka Gear Co. World Headquarters is located in the Upstate of South Carolina just outside of Spartanburg.  Our location is in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains which makes after work weekday trips or full weekend adventures easily accessible.  Our location also puts us in the middle of a large supply chain network of industrial manufactures which helps streamline our process and bring you high quality custom solutions manufactured with the latest technology.

Our Beginning: 

Unaka Gear Co. was started by a few friends that are passionate about spending time in the outdoors and who enjoy helping other people get outside faster and easier.  For years we helped others get outside by taking friends for their first mountain bike ride, lending co-workers camping gear, or telling a stranger more than they wanted to know about the specific area of the mountains they happen to be going to that weekend.  After some time, we decided that between our engineering backgrounds and business backgrounds we could do more to help people get outside by starting our own company, so we finally did it.


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