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This completely modular roof rack gives you the ultimate flexibility to customize your roof rack to meet your specific needs while all being concealed within a sleek laser cut aluminum shell and protected by a unique bi-directional wind fairing.

High Speed, Low Drag is defined as efficient, lean, and mean.  This rack may not make you go faster and it certainly doesn't classify as low drag but we did design this rack to be efficient, lean, and mean.  

200W Solar Panel Capable:  The Sprinter only roof rack on the market that allows you to conceal 200W solar panels width wise on your rack giving you more flexibility to maximize your solar set up.  Use a PV panel with a max width of 55.28".  We recommend the Newpowa 200W panel with the 9BB technology paired with our top mount solar panel brackets.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Side rail assemblies with 15 Series 8020 sub rails with 4 hole joining plates (various lengths)
  • 5 x 15 Series 8020 Cross Bars (additional cross bars can be ordered separately)
  • 6 x Unaka Sprinter Roof Rail 8020 Adapter Kits
  • Top Mount Solar Panel brackets to mount two 200w Solar Panels
  • Wind fairing assembly with rubber gasket
  • All stainless steel hardware required to install the rack kit
  • Top Mount solar panel brackets for up to 400W of Solar



- Modularity: This rack incorporates hidden full length 15 series 8020 rails so that you can position your solar panels, or other cool stuff, wherever you'd like.

- Rack Structure: The core of the rack kit is constructed from laser cut 5052 aluminum in addition to 15 Series 8020 rails that run the full length of the rack.

- Easy Solar Installation: Our 15 Series 8020 cross bars and top mount brackets make installing your solar panels easy.

- 15 Series 8020 Cross Bars: Each kit comes with 5 x 15 series 8020 cross bar which will help you secure extra gear to your rack.

- Unaka Original Bi-directional Aluminum Wind Fairing: To finish off the look and feel of the rack kit, we capped everything off with 3/16” thick laser cut and powder coated 5052 aluminum wind fairing assembly.

- A rack truly designed to give you ultimate flexibility with your roof rack

- Future proof design that allows you the flexibility to add or subtract in the future

- Everything is black powder coated except the black anodized 8020

- All Stainless Steel Hardware

- Lightweight but strong. This aluminum rack won't weigh you down.


80 lb

Shipping Notes

Ships Free.

Expect this shipment to arrive in 3 packages. One package will contain hardware, one package will contain your wind fairing, and the last package will contain the main roof rack components.