For some of you, working remotely from a van is a dream; it was the same for us, which is why we took the leap. But here's the deal – turning that dream into reality can be a bit more complex and costly than it seems.

So, where should you start if you're interested but can't commit 100%? Start with the weekends.

We've noticed that a lot of our customers are building vans just for weekend trips, and that's a great place to start. This approach allows you to create a simpler and more affordable van build.

We’ve also noticed a lot of people are adding a second row of seats to their vans so they can bring their kids along. This "weekend warrior" style setup offers flexibility for you and your family without the need for extensive work or a big budget. 

Whether you're thinking about full-time vanlife or just becoming a weekend warrior, please email us. We would love to talk to you about everything we've experienced with vanlife.

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