Electricity is essential in camper vans for a wide range of reasons. How else will you power your fridge, phone, laptop, or whatever else you bring along? Numerous vans employ various tricks to recharge these auxiliary batteries that power your vehicle. When it comes to camper van electrical systems, solar electricity offers numerous significant advantages. Understand the top three things you need to know about adding solar to your van to show you it’s worthwhile.

Minimal Costs After They’re Installed

The most significant advantage of installing solar panels on your camper van is their minimalism. Once you install solar panels, there’s hardly any maintenance after the fact. Connect the panels and mount them to the top of your van, and you’ll have a dependable source of electricity anywhere the sun shines the brightest. 

You cannot say the same about other energy sources, such as generators. If you have a generator, there are only costs you must consider, like fuel and additional maintenance. Fortunately, the only maintenance you have to worry about with solar panels is cleaning them regularly, since new solar panels guarantee optimal output.

Solar Panels Are Extremely Durable

You may wonder if adding solar panels is worth the time and the initial investment because you fear it isn’t a durable investment. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, considering solar panels are up to the challenge. Solar panels have a lifespan of 30 years if you’re adamant about the cleaning regimen. And even after those 30 years, they are still operable, but they are no longer up to the industry standards.

Solar panels are like the mail carriers of energy sources: come rain or shine, they will deliver. High-quality solar panels undergo rigorous tests to guarantee that they can withstand Mother Nature’s most inclement weather. When you realize they can fend off hail and strong winds, there’s no need to continue to show concern.

Allows You To Maximize Your Space

Another advantage of solar panels is their adaptability to your lack of space. You can maximize your limited room by putting the panels on the top of your van. Adding them to the top ensures you don’t waste valuable space on a large generator. 

The majority of solar panels are less than an inch thick. Because of their simple design, you won’t notice them when standing on the ground. Adding solar power to your van is the right move, providing you with all energy you could ask for.

These top three things you need to know about adding solar to your van illustrate how it’s the best decision, both economically and environmentally. You can get your van solar panel kit at Unaka Gear. Our monocrystalline solar panels will make van life much easier and more convenient.

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