Finding the Perfect Campsite

Finding the Perfect Campsite

Van life offers the freedom to explore anywhere the road may lead, but finding the perfect campsite involves careful considerations, especially for full-time remote workers like us. Here are three tips that help us decide where to go when traveling.

  1. Balancing Work and Drive Time
    As we travel, we continue to work full-time remotely. A helpful tip we follow is to schedule longer drives during nights or weekends. This enables us to maintain semi-normal working hours while making progress toward our destination. Of course, if you happen to be fun-employed or retired this doesn’t apply to you, and we are super jealous!

  2. Quality over Quantity
    Planning out trips is fun and we always try to make the most out of it, but sometimes we still get overly ambitious. It's better to stay in one place longer than to rush through three. Moving around is fine if you like driving, have no budget limits, or don't have work constraints. But, from our experience, too much bouncing around throws off the balance between work, life, and travel.

  3. Connections on the Road
    Try to catch up with friends and family on your travels whenever possible. We're not always the best at it, but every now and then, we manage to make it happen. Those moments create special memories that we wish we had prioritized more.

Picking the right spot to camp in your van is really finding a balance between exploring new places and sticking to a routine. Keep what matters most to you at the top of your priority list and everything else will fall into place.

Pro Tip: When it actually comes down to finding good spots there are lots of great resources out there.  Our personal favorite is the iOverlander App.

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