The camper van lifestyle offers many new opportunities and experiences, like traveling to new destinations and living in alternative housing. Still, you need to work to afford this lifestyle. Here are five tips for working remotely from your camper van so that you remain on top of everything.

Have a Stable Internet Connection

One of the most important aspects of remote work is your internet connection. Unlike living in a house or apartment where you have a stable network, remote living is a unique situation. You may not have as much internet capability as grounded workers. Still, there are ways around this. The first option is to use your mobile phone as a hot spot if you have a high-data plan. Otherwise, you may risk using all your data and facing surcharges. Another option is to the public Wi-Fi in coffeeshops, restaurants, or campgrounds. Even as you travel from place to place, public spaces should offer reliable high-speed free internet.

Have Constant Electricity

Electricity is also important. You need electricity to charge your laptop, cell phone, and other technological devices. Portable batteries come in handy for this purpose. However, another option is to install solar panels on your van’s roof. With the right solar infrastructure, you can have reliable, constant electricity. If all else fails, you can also use public charging stations or electrical outlets for your electricity.

Make Sure Your Workspace Is Functional

Although van life offers a unique experience unlike traditional work models, it’s nevertheless important to make sure your workspace is still functional. Suffice to say your interior space is limited. However, that’s no reason for you to neglect your remote work. Customize your interior space so that you can be productive. Organize to the best of your ability so that you know where things are when you need them. Also, choose a space for a makeshift office. Do not work from your bed because you’ll confuse your brain into thinking it’s time for sleep. It’s a productivity overkill to work from bed, and you’ll find you’re less efficient than working elsewhere.

Don’t Travel During Work Hours

It may sound obvious but avoid traveling during work hours. It’s one of the five tips for working remotely from your camper van. The van life offers many new possibilities you won’t have in a house, apartment, or corporate office. You have the option to travel anywhere you want. If you don’t want to remain in one location too long, you have the ability to pack up and move somewhere else. Still, when it comes to remote work the important thing is to get the work done. You cannot drive and work at the same time. Treat your remote work like any job and make sure to give it the time and attention it deserves before planning your next destination.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

Of course, at the end of the day, you’re still human. Remote work, especially in a camper van, can be mentally draining. Don’t forget to make time for yourself. Do not let work become your life. You should still optimize a healthy work-life balance. Whether that’s streaming a show, exploring the local scenery, or purchasing a day pass at a local gym, find time for other hobbies and interests.

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