Some of a construction’s most important parts are invisible to the naked eye or occur in the planning and preparation phases. This notion is particularly true regarding van conversions. Outdoor enthusiasts may fall into the trap of these five common DIY van conversion mistakes to avoid.

5) Using Cheap Tools

Before making the van conversion of your dreams, verify that you have the proper tools to handle the job. Without quality tools, constructing your van will be more challenging and time-consuming, and it could lead to severe injury.

While you might want to try saving a buck by buying cheaper tools, you’ll likely end up spending as much—if not more—money replacing tools that will inevitably break under pressure. It’s always worth the investment if it only requires one purchase, so don’t settle on the “cheap” toolset when building your new home.

4) Not Running a Power Audit

Some folks can survive in the wild with nothing but a 12-volt battery. But most of us will need more power and amenities.

Knowing how much electricity you will need is essential whether you plan to use solar energy or more conventional methods. Even short-term power use may be shockingly high, so it’s even more important for lengthy trips and full-time residence. At the very least, you should be able to charge standard electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

3) Forgetting Insulation

You’ll waste a lot of your power supply heating and cooling your conversion van if you don’t have solid insulation layers. A van’s thin metal walls and roof offer very little insulation and might even increase the heat or cold inside based on the temperature outside.

Some people make the grave mistake of assuming they won’t be chilly wherever they go, so they don’t bother with insulation. But when air leaks in and out of the van, you will see the error in your ways.

2) Neglecting Circulation

Insulation is only one piece of the puzzle to ensure optimal comfort. Air circulation is also paramount because heating and cooling don’t function if the air isn’t flowing correctly. We understand that it’s nerve-racking to cut out holes in your van. But it’s essential for constructing a sound van conversion.

Many assume that roof fans only cool the vehicle’s interior. Although opening the windows and letting in the cool night air is wonderful, fans serve a more practical purpose. A well-ventilated vehicle is vital for a pleasant ride and long life. Inadequate ventilation and moisture can hasten the deterioration of your camper van. Dampness in your van is not only unpleasant, but it may also contribute to mold growth.

1) You Bought the Wrong Van

You could be a master interior designer that doubles as an electrician and still run into major problems if you buy the wrong van. It can be as simple as buying a lemon because you didn’t research properly. Besides ensuring the van’s effectiveness, many people make the mistake of buying one with a specific climate in mind. What might be awesome for a southern summer may not work well for a midwestern winter. You must thoroughly verify that the van you purchase checks all the boxes.

To avoid these five common DIY van conversion mistakes, Unaka Gear Company is here to provide the best camper van conversion supplies. When you buy tools from us, you know you’re getting the right van.

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